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Subject : Delete my account

Dear Sir/Madam, I have not registered on any of such sites. Still, I am getting spam messages from the members form your portal saying that a girl is interested in me. Please do look into the matter and try to resolve it ASAP. In case I have created any account, please do delete it. Thank you.

Posted By : Atmiya fadia

Subject : delete my account

Dear Sir/Madam, I am not a member of your site and I never registered with you but I got a spam from some kiran singh who "wants to know more about me". I am not interested in all this bullshit. If by any chance you have me registered, please delete my account. Or if this is some kind of error please take proper steps to correct it ASAP. I wont take any of this bullshit and if I further get any mails from I will file a police complaint. Regards

Posted By : priyam

i cant post comment and rating whts wrong ?

Posted By : Gok's

Subject : Complaint

I can't chat neither reply message. What's wrong?

Posted By : Joseph Saayor

Subject : Contact

I am not able to connect female members

Posted By : Dadasaheb Yeole